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6 Month SheBuiltBox Monthly Subscription box (Box 7-12)

6 Month SheBuiltBox Monthly Subscription box (Box 7-12)

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6 months of leather projects (boxes 7-12) shipped at once. 

Box 7: multi-tool sheath

Box 8: carved cuff

Box 9: festival Wallet 

Box 10: Carved Coozie

Box 11: Billfold Wallet 

Bix 12: Carved Journal

What is it?

A hands on teaching focused subscription box curated by an actual leatherworker. 

How does it work?


Throughout this series, we’re going to learn about different leathers, tools and techniques. In the beginning I’m going to do some of the work for you, and focus on specific skills, tool uses and knowledge. Each month, you’re going to get a new box with a project, training and tools. We’re going to build on your knowledge and tool box each month till we reach the point where we’re doing all the work together with me guiding you. From beginning to end, no matter what you’ll be completing a full project no matter what your skillset. That’s the beauty of we built. I’ve designed it so no matter what your skillset, you’ll feel the accomplishment of taking raw materials and turning them into something functional with your hands. Pretty cool, right?!

Why is it different?

I sat and thought long and hard about what I went through trying to self-teach myself leather craft. From pouring over old how-to books, the google searches on how to do certain things to thousands of dollars wasted over the years due to not fully understanding the different leathers and their specific applications and abilities. I wanted to make something that would have helped me had it existed when I first fell in love with the craft. Well... Makers gonna make, and builders gonna build so that's exactly what I'm doing. 

These aren't cheap mass produced "kits" with low cost, low quality essentials. From the needles to the dyes used- these are all products that I've come to love and use on a daily basis as a leather worker. Some things are worth spending the money for the high end stuff. Some cheap products work wonderfully. With this subscription, I'll be sharing my favorites with you and explaining why things are or are not worth the money. Not only do you get my knowledge, you DON'T have to waste money trying to figure out what's worth it!

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