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"Box 3" Leather Scrap and Remnant 1lb bag

"Box 3" Leather Scrap and Remnant 1lb bag

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Since I work with whole hides when I create these boxes, I create a bit of scrap and remnants by cutting around imperfections and odd curvatures of the hide in order to cut pieces needed to create the monthly boxes. That means that some pieces have imperfections (scars, holes and brands) or they simply wouldn't suit my needs for the specific size of the project I was curating. The pieces range from small and perfect for earrings and inlays to large enough for small projects like wallets and keychains! 

The bags are pre weighed 1lb bundles of the beautiful floral embossed leather and black lining leather that was generated by creating "Box 3" from the subscription box, so some of the bags may have precuts and partial precuts from the project that didn't pass inspection and make it into the box for one reason or another. Sometimes it's the difference of 1/4" here or 1mm there- or a shaky cut across a pocket line. Instead of tossing out the pieces, I saved them so they could be given new life with a little creativity!

Photos are taken on a cutting mat with 1' squares to show the size of the pieces, so what you see in the photo is exactly what you'll get!

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