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Leather Buttstock Cover And Sling Set -Free Personalization

Leather Buttstock Cover And Sling Set -Free Personalization

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Leather Buttstock Cover And sling set

**When placing your order, please state the specifics you’re wanting in the order comments box. Etsy only allows two drop down boxes, so you’ll need to be detailed with what you’re wanting. Do you want a tooled border on the sleeve, sling or both? Tooled letters? Loops on your sling? An engraved image? Engraved name? I can accommodate most requests so please just let me know exactly what you’re wanting and I’ll make it happen.

Each leather hide is hand selected by me to ensure superior quality and minimal defects so you receive the most beautiful finished product possible.

This stunning set is hand crafted by me, in my in-home work shop. I take great pride in my craftsmanship and only ship out the highest quality product. I stand by everything that I make, and if you ever come across issues caused by wear with your stock cover I’ll either repair or replace it. I guarantee my leatherwork because it’s built to last -The SheBuilt way.

I use high quality Veg Tan leather that can be tooled or dyed any way you would like. The number of ammo loops depends on the cartridge you’re wanting it to hold, the norm is 6. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I usually respond within the hour.

If you don’t see the cartridge you’re wanting below, message me and I will do my best to make it happen! If it’s an extremely uncommon round, worst case scenario is that you can send me empty casings and I’ll fit the stock sleeve to them.

Available cartridge loops:
357 Magnum
44 Magnum
7mm Mag
270 WSM
405 Winchester
.375 Ruger
308 Win
6.5 Creedmoor
12 Guage
16 Guage
20 Guage

Depending on how busy I am, I’m usually able to have items shipped within 1-2 weeks. If you’re needing it sooner than the 1-2 weeks, please let me know so we can work something out.

5.5x10x6.5 but they vary wildly depending on the rifle. If you’re worried about the size, message me and I’ll send you a graphic showing what measurements I’ll need from your stock in order to get the perfect fit!

I hand make everything, so I can accommodate pretty much any rifle size you’re wanting.

Why my leather work is worth it (your money, that is):
I pay close attention to detail, and genuinely strive to build things that will last a lifetime. Every edge is finished and slicked to a shine, and each stitch shows the quality. You’ll also notice that I use high quality eyelets through all lacing holes so the leather wont pull and stretch over time. I also add an extra layer or leather where I add the eyelets for added durability... plus the stitching looks cool. The ammo loops are pulled through precise cutouts AND stitched into place, then wet formed to the specific cartridge, so you’ll get the perfect fit. I line all holsters and covers unless otherwise requested because it’s the quality I would expect for my own gear. Basically, I go the extra mile with what I make, so you’ll never have to replace it unless you’re wanting more variety.

Leather Disclaimer

Leather is a natural material. It has markings in it caused by nature. Bug bites, scratches, scars and imperfections are completely normal and simply a part of the hides. Lines and markings on leather is also completely normal and to be expected on veg-tan leather that’s commonly known as tooling leather. I use tooling leather for most personalized items, since chrome tanned leathers cant be tooled. I do my best to work around imperfections but I like most leather workers view imperfections as cuts and holes. Natural markings are normal, and may be on your item. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If you’re looking for something pristine and flawless, leather isn’t the right material for you. Most commercial leather products have a coating on them to make them appear flawless, but over time the coating separates and this is why you find leather couches all over second hand websites that have peeled and look awful. I work exclusively with tooling leather (the good stuff) for slings and stock covers, in its natural state which has imperfections. Us leather lovers accept the flaws and view it as giving more character.

All of my photos are of actual items I made for people and show the leather I’m referring to. It’s beautiful, and sturdy- just not “flawless” like the coated leather some are accustomed to seeing in stores.

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